Integrated Education Support

In line with SDG #4 which is to “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”, we assist students to gain access to education through school fees support from various sponsors and covering primary, high school and tertiary levels. The sponsorship covers a wide range of students including orphans, those that are academically gifted, young girls that have fallen pregnant and are looking for a second chance and those whose parents and guardians just do not have the means to keep them in school.

We are keen on ensuring that all the schools we work have the required infrastructure and also that they introduce science subjects and we also help students with support to acquire books, uniforms, lanterns, sanitary pads and other school requirements. Primary children that come to school hungry are fed under a soup kitchen we run and under which we also intend to help the school set up a vegetable garden. Our annual sports festival ensures that those that excel outside of the classroom are also identified and we are always on the look out for partners to help those not so academically gifted gain vocational skills.

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