Sponsor A Child (SAC)

According to the ZIMVAC 2021 statistics 45% of students were sent away from school due to non-payment of fees as of 2021 first term. The prevalence of Covid-19 has also strongly impacted on financial incomes of 60% Chivi households leading to decreased sources of income. Over the years 2017-2021 we have had 482 vulnerable students enrolled in our Sponsor a Child programme and proceeding to advanced level and university but the main challenge has been the lack of recurring sponsorships to consistently support them to stay in school. As of 2021 only 10% of the total Chivi community have completed ordinary and advanced level studies thus presenting a gap in accessing education. The ZIMVAC report of 2019 shows that the major reason why some rural children are not in school is because of lack of money to pay for school fees, early marriages and pregnancies. Therefore, Tugwi seeks to leave no children behind and support students to gain access to education. The primary methodology is to enrol vulnerable students into our sponsorship programme and mobilize resources to support their fees, stationeries and uniforms through sustainable stakeholder relations and systemic approach to accessing education.

The primary beneficiaries of our Sponsor a Child programme are children in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions aged between 6-23years old. Our targeted population are schools within the Chivi district.


The goal of the SAC programme is to provide underprivileged children with the opportunity to reach their full potential in terms of education so that they have the best chance to succeed, to reduce school drop outs and provide education opportunities for all by ensuring that underprivileged children have access to essential academic resources and to empower students academically so that they become self-reliant and contribute to community development.

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